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Welcome to my page!  

Profile: 経歴

About my journey

After being a corporate person for American and German companies for a long time, Hiroko decided to have a different life, helping to support people to have better life with joy and happiness.

She facilitates breathwork both in private and group sessions.

She also facilitate the private sessions of etheric body healing to clear the energetic block and earth chakra integration to manifest desired outcome such as healthy life.

She is a world traveler and visited 16 countries so far and will continue to explore new challenges.

Clarity Breathwork Practitioner
Herbal Therapist
Visionary Coach

Profile: 経歴

Some of the healing modalities Hiroko had studied:

– Clarify Breathwork, California, the US
– Coaching (CTI)
– Core Transformation
– Various Crystal Healings
– Quantum Touch
– Light Body Meditation
– Vipassana Meditation
– Naikan Meditation
– Reiki
– Kinesiology, etc.

Profile: 経歴
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Profile: ポートフォリオ

I would love to work with you.

Please let me know how I could help you to change your life with the breathwork.

Send me your request and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Looking forward to talking to you so soon!!!

Profile: 経歴
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