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Breathwork Private Session

English: 経歴

What would you like to “upgrade” in your life?

Are you feeling anxious or stressed because of current social situation?

Do you feel the urge to cleanse and clear your body, heart and mind and walk the pathway to the better future?
Are you longing to release the old and welcome in the new?

Breathwork private session will answer all of these and UPGRADE YOUR LIFE!

Hello, my name is Hiroko Moda, Clarity Breathwork Practitioner in Japan.  I have been practicing breathwork as a healing modality for the last several years.

The Breathwork process helps to activate the subconscious mind and bring awareness and insights not easily accessed through traditional therapy.

Breath opens the energy channels in the body and allows what we have been holding onto to surface and be released.

This may be suppressed emotional material, physical blocks in the body, old beliefs structures and identifications, old memories, escape patterns and addictions.

Through this work we can gain deep insight, release emotional baggage and actually feel the patterns shifting and transforming.

This supports us in experiencing more joy, freedom and fulfillment as we carry on with the endless sacred quest for the truth of who we are!

English: 経歴
English: 経歴

Benefit of Breathwork

Here are just some of the benefits people have experienced:

– Increased aliveness, joy and creativity
– Physical, emotional, and mental healing and well-being
– Forgiveness and release of the past
– Reduced stress and increased vitality and inner peace
– Greater self-love and more loving relationships
– Ability to manifest greater abundance and ease
– Accelerated spiritual growth and awakening more deeply to one’s true Self
– Greater sense of Life Purpose

English: 経歴

What is the breathwork private session?

While Group Session is focused more on the group healing and group energy of those involved, the private session is more focused on 


English: 経歴

Consultation and Coaching

1st part of the session is to learn more about you and your theme for the day.

As a life coach, I will help you to clarify what you would like to pay attention during the breathwork.


2nd part of the session is to breath. In the altered state of breathing, you witness the origin or the core of the issue you have. I help you to consciously release or to change to much better things and continue the breath journey.

You may be revisiting your childhood, accessing the part of the part of the body that requires your attention, reconnecting to the spiritual guide.


I help you to ground and remember the details during the breathwork. I help you to clarify the messages you receive from your body, mind and spirit.

English: リスト
English: 経歴

Your sacred messages forever
Recording available

Your messages during the breathwork are sacred. In order to get all the details of the messages, I will send you the recording after the session.

Thus, you will be able to connect your essence any time you want. The recording is in MP3 format and send to you the link via email. You can download the recording to your PC and enjoy as long as you like.

* At rare occasion, it is not possible to record for technical problem.  If you can record on your side, I recommend you to record just in case.

English: 経歴

How do we do?
Online session, from anywhere in the World

The breathwork private session will be done using Zoom, online conference system, accessible from your computer or phone.

I recommend you to download the app as soon as the session is set, Zoom link will be sent to you upon registration.

English: 経歴

So how was the breathwork?

English: 経歴

"It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget"

I loved the Breathwork session that I took with Hiroko via Zoom as I live in the UK.

Hiroko asks questions of what you want to achieve through the Breathwork session and then guides you through a deep breathing exercise in which you feel completely relaxed.

It is through this relaxation that you can connect to your innermost self and you understand the issues that are affecting you.

This is what happened to me when I became aware of two past lives – they occurred in the form of visions - all in glorious colour – and so clear that I could describe every detail.

Presumably it was what I needed to experience at the time.

These past lives showed me that I had courage, strength and confidence, characteristics that I have somewhat lacked in this lifetime due to experiences that I’ve had to go through, and therefore hindered me in so many areas of my life.

However, these are qualities that I can now draw upon when needed. It was these issues that unfolded during the Breathwork session and I guess it was time for me to deal with them.

After the session I felt really good about myself and thoroughly relaxed. It was an amazing experience and one I will never forget.

Hiroko helped me through these issues with patience and understanding for which I thank her so much.

Marie, the UK

"This was a very enlightening and useful session for me"

I participated in a group breathwork session and Hiroko was very friendly and made me feel at ease immediately.

She first asked us what we wanted to release in this session, then gently led us through a meditation to meet our future selves to uncover some of our potentials and desires waiting to blossom. What I wanted to release was a sense of guilt and shame.

When she gave us directions for the breathwork, and I was a little shocked to learn that I had to keep my mouth open and breathe through the mouth for 30 minutes.

It was very difficult especially at first, all I could think was how challenging this was.

Hiroko kept having to tell me “open your mouth Sayaka-san” because any time my attention slipped, my mouth would close. She was my coach, encouraging me and reminding me to make sure I get the full benefits of this breathwork session.

Because it took all of my focus to breathe correctly, my thinking mind was paralyzed and I was able to access my subconscious.

Hiroko was asking a few questions during the session which my mind could barely register but I still received some answers, and they were different than what I would have guessed.

I learned that I need to be kinder to my own body (less controlling or strict with diet, exercise etc) and that the sense of guilt was anger or resentment that was unable to be expressed outward, that then turned inward.

I also learned that I blew spirit into my sculptures when I made them, and that I do not need to be consciously aware for it to happen. What I need is to trust.

By the time the session was over I was covered in sweat and felt like I had run a marathon!  

Afterward we had a chat to go through and share our experiences (if we wanted pto) and Hiroko helped me interpret some of the things that came up, sometimes stopping me and asking my body if our interpretation was correct.

This was a very enlightening and useful session for me, I definitely recommend it if you have never tried this technique.

I have been meditating for years but this was very different from any other breathing exercises I have ever done. Hiroko is very knowledgeable, kind and welcoming!

Sayaka, America

"The session itself and what it revealed for me personally was incredible"

This breathwork workshop with Hiroko came at the perfect time as I was exploring how to use the power of the breath to heal.

I really enjoyed this session as Hiroko made it simple and welcoming to be a part of a group's intention of feeling better.

The session itself and what it revealed for me personally was incredible, from feeling this intense pressure building in my body to realising that this pressure was my own self criticism and judgement and being in the experience of that awareness in order to let it go.

A really important discovery for me and why I value this work highly and recommend it for those who want to really tap in to their own body and mind.

I felt comfortable with Hiroko facilitating the session and it was important to have her guiding me through the experience especially when the tension and resistance was building in me, that's the power of this work and her ability to lead with it.

Thank you Hiroko on guiding me safely and strongly through an important healing experience for me."

Darragh, Ireland

"I felt profound shifts, integrations and healings"

I had the most amazing breathwork session last night with Hiroko. Thank you Hiroko.

I felt profound shifts, integrations and healings and became more fully embodied as myself than I have in a long time.

I reconnected back to an ecstatic spiritual awakening I had over twenty years ago and felt at home alive and fully restful in my body.

A place that I have been struggling to find with the demands 'lockdown' has been placing on me.

Quan Yin was present very strongly during one aspect of my healing her presence and healing was very special and received deeply.

Just all round a wonderful experience that I would love to make a regular part of my life.

Bianca, Australia

"A close relative who past away 25 years ago came to visit me with a lot of love."

I have never tried breathwork before and it was so much more than I expected! Hiroko did a wonderful job in guiding us through the session.

It was serious work with a playful feeling and the beautiful music and Hiroko’s soft voice made me feel very relaxed.

The breathing itself felt a little awkward at first before getting the hang of it and I thought I’d have trouble laying still for one whole hour, but was surprised at how fast time went by and how good and natural the breathing started to feel.

The effect of the breathwork, apart from getting more energy from so much oxygen to the brain, was allowing us to go on a journey on many different levels.

Emotions arised and it was a great opportunity to release the things we no longer have use for.

At a spiritual level I had at one point a clear connection with Mother Mary, for which I am very grateful, and also a close relative who past away 25 years ago came to visit me with a lot of love.

Thank you so much Hiroko, looking forward to next time!

Maria, Sweden

English: お客様からのご意見・ご感想


Please take the breathwork private session with the comfort of at home.

It is recommended that you prepare a comfortable private place where you will be undisturbed.

Note: For the 2nd part of the breathwork session, you will be asked to reposition your camera so that I can see you, especially your upper body and head.

English: 経歴


English: 経歴

60 min

(incl. 30 min breathwork)

Regular price:  9,950 yen
->【Limited only] 50% off:4,900 yen

Repeat only

90 min

(incl. 60 min breahtwork)

Regular price:14,850 yen
-> 【Limited only] 50% off:7,500 yen

120 min

(incl. 80 min breathwork) 

Regular price:19,800 yen
->【Limited only] 50% off:9,900 yen

English: リスト

Let us know when you are available!

Please fill in the contact form with your 3 options of appointment.
I will check the schedule and will get back to as soon as possible.

As I'm currently living in Tokyo, Japan, we may need to make adjustment on the schedule because of the time difference.

Please check the time zone with your country of residence from this link:

As soon as we set the schedule, I will send you the payment link.

Upon payment, I will send you the Zoom link and we are all set!

Please fill out the form here for an appointment.

English: 経歴

Thank you for the message! We will contact with you very soon.

English: お問い合わせ
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